The first credit bundle you buy on Bidvine is backed by our Get Hired Policy.

What is this policy? Simple, if you don’t win at least one new customer with initial credits you buy on Bidvine, your second bundle is on us.

Five days after you’ve used the last of your initial credits (included any you were auto-refunded), we’ll get in touch with you & add the initial credit amount back into your account.

Please note:

  • Our get hired policy is only available on the purchase of your first credit bundle.
  • The initial credit bundle must be used within 1 year of being purchased (i.e. prior to credit expiry).
  • Credit re-issuance will occur one-time only. However, before we give it out, we do check your profile, the bids you've sent and everything else. so we can provide you the best possible advise to help increase your chance of getting hired for we're not only here to get you new customers, we're here to help you get hired.
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