The Bidvine for Professionals iOS App is a great alternative for iPhone and iPad users to grow their business on Bidvine. By installing our app, professionals will be able to manage leads and send bids without having to open up your browser. In addition, you can be the first to be notified when a new lead comes in, helping you to bid faster!

After you've installed the Bidvine for Professionals iOS App and logged into the app, you will first be prompted to enable push notifications. It is important you enable this feature as it will ensure that you get notified about new leads in your area instantly.

Once in the app, you'll notice four buttons at the bottom of the screen:

These buttons will allow you to navigate to different sections of the app that all have unique functions.

Inbox - here you see all active leads that you can review, bid, or pass on. To refresh the list, put your finger on the screen and slide it down (this similar to refreshing any other page in iOS).

Bids - here you see all the bids you sent and the customers who "hired" you. You can toggle between bids you've sent and customers who've hired you via the buttons at the top of the screen.

Profile - here you can view your profile information. If you'd like to make any changes to your profile, you'll need to do so directly on the website.

Account - This section will enable you to do a number of things including:

  • View your reviews, archived bids and user profile
  • Purchase credits here via the app store
  • Turn on and off notifications
  • Link to the Bidvine help centre

Here are the notifications that you can turn off and on:

Pro tip: if you have app notifications turned on, you may wish to turn off email notifications.

While we are always working on improving our applications, there are currently a number of functions that you can only perform on our website.

Below are the things that you will not be able to do using the app:

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