Customer generation on auto-pilot

With BidMatch we do the work for you. You set your service and travel preferences and add your prices. We match you with the right customers. Pay only when customers respond.

1. Get exactly the jobs you want by setting your BidMatch preferences

Set your service and travel preferences, and then add your prices and custom bid message. You can also set your business hours to make sure you get matched with the right customers who match your schedule.

2. Customers submit detailed service requests

Customers come to Bidvine looking for service professionals. We ask them specific questions related to the service that they need, and we match you to requests that are a fit based on your preferences.

3. We send your bids automatically - for free

With BidMatch you don’t need to manually review each customer request and compose every bid. We send your tailored bids with your profile to customer requests that are a fit based on your preferences. You can stay focused on your work.

4. Pay only for customer contacts

With BidMatch, you don’t pay to send bids. We notify you each time a customer responds to your bid, when they call you, message you or by hiring you. Only then do you pay. 

With BidMatch, we guarantee to never exceed your weekly budget. If more customers happen to contact you than your budget allows, we'll pay the difference.

5. Win the job and keep what you earn

Communicate with your new customer contacts using the Bidvine app or website. You can also contact them directly after sharing contact details. Talk about your experience, answer any questions, stand out amongst other pros, and get yourself hired.

Please note: BidMatch is only available for select services and can only be set-up once you have sent your first bid. If you see "BidMatch Settings" on your settings page, then you can offer one or more BidMatch services.

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