BidMatch is that extra employee you’ve never had. Based on your settings it will review all incoming requests and only send bids to customers that are right for your business.

You save time. With Bidmatch, all requests are reviewed automatically. We’ll send bids to prospective customers that are most appropriate for your business. In addition, BidMatch works 24/7; as soon as it is turned on it will be working for you to find the right customers.

You’ll reach customers instantly. With BidMatch customers won’t have to wait to get your custom bid. If the request matches your preferences, the customer will immediately receive your estimate, message, and will be able to view your profile. This makes that customer that much more likely to reach out and make a hiring decision.

You’ll only spend time with interested customers. With BidMatch, you will only be interacting with customers that reach out to you. They’ve seen your bid, profile, and want to open a dialogue.

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