At Bidvine we work hard to get you the right customers for your business. In order for us to understand how customers are responding to your bid, it is important that all contact information is excluded from messages you send prior to the customer making contact. This includes your phone number, email address, or external websites.

For example, if you were to include your phone number and the customer contacted you directly and hired you for the job, we would have no way of knowing this occurred. We would assume the customer didn’t contact you and send you fewer customers that meet that profile in the future (which doesn’t work out for you or the customer). Also, in most cases, we make money when a customer contacts. If we aren't making money, we can't bring in more customers, or continue to improve Bidvine, or pay our employees, or keep the lights on, or ... well, you get the idea.

Similarly, we also do not permit professionals to, in any way, discourage customers from contacting them on Bidvine. Bidvine is designed to connect customers with professionals and to discourage that only serves to confuse prospective customers and have you miss out on new business.

If you’d like tips on getting more customers to contact and hire you, visit our get hired guide.

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