If you’ve been using Bidvine for a while, you may have noticed that Pros Contacted has now  taken the place of Number of Bids.

Why the change?

We’ve received a lot of feedback from professionals they’d like know how many pros the customer was speaking to at the time of bidding. Because of this, you’ll now see Pros Contacted when reviewing requests on Bidvine.

Pros Contacted  gives professionals a better understanding of how many professionals a customer is interested in.

What else will I know  about a request?

At Bidvine we work hard to help professionals grow their business quickly and cost-effectively. This means ensuring that you have the best information when deciding to bid on a request.

With every request on Bidvine, you’ll know:

  • It has passed our screening process
  • If it includes a phone number, that phone number has been verified
  • That the request matches both your service and travel preferences
  • The amount of time left to bid on the request
  • The price to bid required on the request
  • The number of pros that have been contacted

Bid with confidence

As usual, if you don’t phone the customer (i.e. reveal their phone number) and they don’t view your bid in 4 days, your credits will be auto-refunded.

Want more insights?

After you’ve sent your bid, you can take a look at Bid Insights to understand how you compare to the other bidding pros and the actions the customer has taken thus far.

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