Your profile picture represents you and your brand. We often neglect it’s importance and yet, it plays a vital role in tapping the customer’s interest on whether to at least explore your company profile or proceed to the next one. We would want to maximise this quick yet powerful exposure once a customer takes a peek on your profile. Below are some simple tips to get the best profile picture:

Get help

A selfie can work for others but if it’s not within your expertise, ask a family member or a friend to help you get that perfect angle. Besides, your perfect angle may not be as perfect for others so a second or third opinion wouldn’t hurt.

Frame it properly

Of course, if you are to get a perfect angle, might as well make sure it’s framed properly. Whether you want it centered or a little to the left or right, depending on how you want your face seen, take all possible angles and choose accordingly. You may even upload it to see how it actually looks like on the website before you make your decision.

Lighting is everything

May it be indoors or outdoors, make sure you have the appropriate lighting. It is imperative that the light is on your face and not behind you so customers can clearly see who they will be dealing with.

Smile like you mean it!

As the saying goes, a smile could go a long way as it promotes the positive and approachable you. That could also lead to you having more chance by hearing back from the customer and have that moment to negotiate or meet them to discuss the project. 

Still in doubt? Hire a professional.

There are thousands of professional photographers on Bidvine ready to be hired. They'll make sure to give you a great profile photo and maybe even some action shots so you can upload even more media to your profile. Submit a request, compare bids, review their portfolios to find a style you like.

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