Profile enhancement is a service provided by Bidvine to help you set up the best possible profile.  Having a great profile is a key component of getting hired, but many providers aren’t sure where to start or what to highlight in their profile.

We have a team of experts, including copywriters and graphic designers, that can help you write the perfect description and create the perfect logo for your company.  Let us focus on helping you create a great profile, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional service. Profile enhancement starts at only £10 and can drastically improve your chances of being hired.

How it works:

  1. We’ll ask you to answer a short survey with questions like when you founded your company and what sets you apart from your competition.

  2. We'll also ask you if you require a logo and if there is anything specific you'd like included in it.

  3. You'll then need to pay for the profile enhancement which costs £10 for a new description and bid message. A newly designed logo can be purchased for an additional £5 (or £15 in total).

  4. Once we have those answers, our copywriters will write a custom description and bid message that you can use on Bidvine to attract customers.  We can also have our graphic designers create a logo for your business to use on Bidvine.

  5. If we require any further information after receiving your answers, a member of our provider success team will give you a call.

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