Your calendar is where you tell us when you are available to work. By keeping your calendar up to date, you'll only be matched with jobs on dates/times you're free to take on new clients.

  • To block out a half hour block, click on a single block

  • To block out a whole day, click on the date at the top

  • To block out the same hour every day that week click on the hour on the left

How it works
The calendar is currently accessible on the web and our Android application for professionals. We'll be introduce it to our iOS application in the coming weeks.

What happens when you block out time?  Our matching system checks your calendar and matches you to requests where you have availability. So if a customer is looking for your services on a specific day, and you have an hour or two free, you'll be matched to that request. 


  • White blocks are when you are free

  • Green blocks are when you are not free (blocked by you)

  • White and grey stripes are your non business hours (blocked by business hours)

  • Light grey is in the past (hopefully, you're not living there)

  • The red line is the time now

Today button
Click the ‘Today’ button takes you to the current week.

Weekly Navigation
Click either  green arrow to go forward or backward one week.

Monthly Navigation
Select the top right calendar icon and use the corresponding arrows to navigate between months.

Blocking Time/Days

Block a day

If you block a whole day and we receive a request on that day, you will not be matched to that request.  You can block a whole day by either clicking on all of the free (white) blocks in that day or click on the date at the top to block the whole day out. 

Blocking certain times
If you block a number of half hour blocks and we receive a request that starts when you’re not free (blocked), you will not be matched to that request.You can block a half hour block by clicking any free (white) blocks. 

Blocking the same hour all week
If you want to add a block on the same time all week, just for the week you are viewing, then click on the time in the left.


To Unblock, just click on a block, a day or a time of the week that’s currently blocked.

Edit business hours
Click on the cog/gear icon (top right) to edit your business hours or click here.

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