How Bidvine works

  1. We'll instantly match you with customers.
    You tell us which jobs you are interested in doing. Customers tell us what they need. We match you to the right jobs.

  2. Your bids include your profile, a message and your pricing.
    Customers compare profiles, reviews and prices. They make contact with the pros who stand out.

  3. You pay to make contact with new customers.
    You only pay once contacted. It's up to you to close the deal.

  4. Win new business

Each customer receives up to 5 introductions (or 8 for select services) and contacts the pros they wish to engage. Get hired by the customer - they pay you directly.

Pay for Contact (Bid for Free)

If you’re using BidMatch or manual bidding, the bids that you send will be free. You’ll only be charged when a customer responds to your bid and contacts you or if you opt to reveal their verified phone number and give them a ring.

Don’t Pay if the First Response is ‘No, Thanks’

If a customer’s first reply to your message is the equivalent of a ‘no’, you won’t be charged. Our system will automatically detect it or you can flag it with us for review.

Please note: this is only applicable for a customer’s first message sent through Bidvine.

Manual Bidding (Pay for Contact)

Requests come to your inbox. You review each request manually and then compose each bid and send it yourself. This time, you only pay when a customer contacts you which means they have decided to reach out to you after seeing your bid and profile

Automatic Bidding (Pay for Contact)

Requests skip your inbox. BidMatch™ sends your bids automatically, but only for the jobs you want. Pay only when customers contact you.

With BidMatch you don’t need to manually review each customer request and compose every bid. We send your tailored bids with your profile to customer requests that are a fit based on your preferences. You can stay focused on your work.

We notify you each time a customer responds to your bid, when they call you, message you or by hiring you. Only then do you pay.

Please note, BidMatch is only available for select services. To see if the services you offer are available on BidMatch, visit your service settings.

Automatic Bidding: Strict budgets

With BidMatch, you are in full control of how much you spend weekly. Set your weekly budget and we'll never get over it. If you happen to get contacted by more customers than anticipated, don't worry, we'll pay the difference of any incremental cost.

Please note: should you change your budget mid-week, the new budget will take effect the following Monday.

Learn more about BidMatch.

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For more information about how Bidvine works, please refer to the following article: What are the main points I need to know

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