Sometimes we present professionals to prospective customers before a bid is submitted. This gives the customer the opportunity to request a bid from a professional. If a customer requests a bid from you, it means that they've seen your profile and think that you're a good fit for their request. You'll find such lead under Direct leads:

Unlike a standard lead, these customers have expressed a specific interest in your business and are inviting you to bid on their project.

When you receive a bid request, it's important you act fast. Review the request details and, if you're interested, reach out to the customer by sending a bid.

How do we select which professionals to present to customers?

We prioritise professionals based on responsiveness, activity, and profile quality. We take into account the following factors when prioritising a professional:

  • That the professional's preferences match the request details

  • How responsive a professional is when receiving bid requests

  • How long it has been since a professional last bid

  • The frequency of bids a professional sends

  • The frequency of contacts a professional receives

  • The quantity and quality of the professional's reviews

  • If the professional has been ID-verified

  • The professional's proximity to the customer (if it is a request for an in-person service)

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