Insights allows you to see all of your activities on Bidvine and how you compare towards other bidding professionals. When you click "Insights", you'll be able to access "Your Activity", "How You Compare" and "Top Pro Milestones".

Your Activity

The stats you see here would be your 4 week overview in terms of number of opportunities, bids sent, new contacts, how much you've spent including cost per contact. All activity statistics are updated every day.

You can sort these by BidMatch, Bids Sent, New Contacts and Cost per Contact.

How You Compare

This page allows you to see your ratings, response rate, response time, profile picture, profile media along with some service related stats and some popular professionals on your area to give you an idea on what you need to work on.

Top Pro Milestones

Being a Top Pro isn't an easy feat but those who are recognised as such receives the "Top Pro" badge on each of their bids along with having the said badge on their Bidvine profile. In order to become a top pro, you need to accomplish the milestones outlined in this section.

Should you wish to understand how you compare to other bidding pros and the actions the customer has taken thus far, you may take a look at your Bid Insights.

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