Bidvine Direct Pay is new feature on Bidvine that we are currently testing with a select group of professionals. We’d like to thank everyone that is providing us feedback as we prepare to introduce this feature to even more pros.

What is it?

Bidvine Direct Pay Direct Pay enables professionals to request payment from customers directly through Bidvine. Payments can be requested when messaging customers by clicking on the (£) icon when messaging the customer.  

With secure payments (🔒), and low transaction fees, Bidvine Direct Pay is an easy way for you to get paid.

Setting up Bidvine Direct Pay

To set up, visit the earning section of your settings. At the top of the screen, you will be given the option to add an account. Simply click the (Add) button and follow the steps to verify your identity and add your banking information.

Please note: payment process is managed by Stripe, a trusted and secure payments platform that handles billions of transactions around the world.

Requesting Money

To request money from a customer, simply select the (£) icon at the bottom left of the Bidvine messenger. From there, you will be able input the amount of money you require and the type of payment it is (i.e. deposit, final payment, or additional payment). As soon as your request is sent, the customer will receive a prompt for payment.

Please note, we currently limit transactions to a maximum of £300.

If you'd like to send a reminder about an older request, simply locate the original request, click it, and click the "Send a Reminder" button.

Cancelling a Request

To cancel a money request, simply find the request you would like to cancel in the message history with the customer, click the request, then click "Cancel Request".

Earnings and Payouts

Within the earning section of your settings, you can do the following:

  • View and withdraw funds that are marked as Redeemable.

  • View payments that are Pending - payments that have been made by customers are being transferred into your account. Funds become available for withdrawal 7 days after the transaction date.

  • View and monitor payment that are Outstanding - money requests sent to customers that have yet to be paid.

  • View your complete payment history.


All of our fees are transparent and visible every time you send a money request.

  • Requesting Money: 2.5% of the transaction value + £0.20

  • Processing Refunds: 1.4% of the transaction value + £0.20

  • Withdrawing Money: Free

Please note: if you don't have enough funds to process a refund, you will be required to top up your account in order to facilitate it.

For more detailed information about Bidvine Direct Pay, please visit our terms of service.

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