Whether you want to do a quick virtual walk-through for an estimate estimate or deliver your next piano lesson, counselling session or French tuition you can now make video calls for free through Bidvine.

One-to-one video calling and service delivery for remote services simple and free.

Teach better
No more worrying about usernames or meeting links. Start video calls right in the app.

Communicate better
No need for exchanging numbers or figuring our which app to use. Start private calls easily. Video calling is available to all Bidvine pros and customers who have already connected.

Schedule Better
Next time you schedule a consultation or your session or class, pick Bidvine video calling as the place you'll meet. Be online at the agreed time and start the call.

Starting a Call

You can only have video calls with customers that have contacted you (after reviewing your bid). Calls can be initiated by either party by clicking the video camera icon towards the bottom of the screen (on the specific request).

Both parties need to be online for a call to be initiated and, as you might expect, the person receiving the call needs to accept in order for the call to start. In the call you can decide to mute yourself, enable/disable your video, or terminate the call.

Calls are not Recorded

We don't record or store any calls that take place on Bidvine.

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