As a professional on Bidvine, you are in control of what requests get matched to your profile. We take into account the following preferences and factors specific to your business:

  • Services - the services you add to your profile. If you only offer personal training, we won't send you a request for painting and decorating.

  • Service preferences - use service filters to narrow down the exact type of request you are looking for. If you are a music teacher that only teaches children, specify your service settings to students under 18.

  • Travel preferences - use travel preferences to let us know where you work. If you only take on projects within 10 miles from where you are, we'll only send you requests in that radius.

  • Availability - use business hours and calendar to let us know when you're available. If you're a photographer that has a full-day shoot next Saturday, we won't match you with requests that need to take place on that same day.

Professionals on BidMatch

For professionals who are on BidMatch, our automated bidding feature, we also take into account your weekly budget. If you have used your budget for a given week, for a particular service, we will not match you to any other requests for that week.

How do we select which professionals to present to customers?

We prioritise professionals based on responsiveness, activity, and profile quality. We take into account the following factors when prioritising a professional:

  • That the professional's preferences match the request details

  • How responsive a professional is when receiving bid requests

  • How long it has been since a professional last bid

  • How frequently a professional is contacted

  • The quantity and quality of the professional's reviews

  • The professional's proximity to the customer

Please note: all requests are subject to a specific bid limit which varies by service.

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