Whether you are sending your bids manually or via BidMatch, they are free. You’ll only be charged when a customer responds to your bid and contacts you or if you opt to reveal their verified-phone number and give them a ring.

Customer contacts include customers sending you a message or quick reply, clicking a ‘contact pro’ button, calling or viewing your phone number, making a call or service booking, or marking you as hired.

You can view the cost per contact when viewing the request details, when bidding manually, or when you’re setting up a service on BidMatch. Please note that the cost for contact on BidMatch is different than the cost for contact when bidding manually.

Don’t Pay if the First Response is ‘No, Thanks’

If you’re using BidMatch or are on the newest version of BIdvine, if a customer’s first reply to your message is the equivalent of a ‘no’, you won’t be charged. Our system will automatically detect it or you can flag it with us for review.

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