We’re currently in the process of rolling out a new version of Bidvine where professionals only pay when contacted by customers. Learn what version you’re on. This means that the days of paying for individual bids are numbered. This article will help you to understand why we're making this change.

Paying for Bids

Professionals on Bidvine are matched with opportunities that match their specific preferences and availability. So, if you’re a personal trainer that works in Hackney and is focused on HIIT, you’ll only be matched with customers looking for a HIIT trainer in Hackney.

It is free for professionals to bid or pass on the opportunities they are matched with. If they decide to send a bid, there is a small cost associated with doing so and the cost to bid varies on the job size. The cost to bid is visible when viewing a request’s details. If the bid is not viewed by the customer, after a number of days, those credits will be auto-refunded back into the pro’s account.

While this has worked well for many years, we heard from many professionals that they were tired of spending money on bids and not getting any response from customers. Enter Pay for Contact.

Paying for Contacts (Bid for Free)

If you’re using BidMatch or are on the newest version of Bidvine, the bids that you send will be free. You’ll only be charged when a customer responds to your bid and contacts you or if you opt to reveal their verified-phone number and give them a ring.

Customer contacts include customers sending you a message or quick reply, clicking a ‘contact pro’ button, calling or viewing your phone number, making a call or service booking, or marking you as hired.

You can view the cost per contact when viewing the request details, when bidding manually, or when you’re setting up a service on BidMatch. Please note that the cost for contact on BidMatch is different than the cost for contact when bidding manually.

Don’t Pay if the First Response is ‘No, Thanks’

If you’re using BidMatch or are on the newest version of BIdvine, if a customer’s first reply to your message is the equivalent of a ‘no’, you won’t be charged. Our system will automatically detect it or you can flag it with us for review.

Why is the Bid Cost different Than the Contact Cost?

Bids are not the same as contacts.

When you are paying for bids, you pay for the opportunity to get in front of a prospective customer regardless of if they respond to you. Professionals generally need to send a number of bids in order to get one contact.

When you are paying for contacts, you are paying for customers that have seen your bid and profile and then decide to reach out to you. There is much greater intent from customers that reach out to you than those who just receive your bid.

We work hard to make pricing fair. Small projects cost less than larger projects.

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