At Bidvine, we work to make it ridiculously easy for professionals to connect with new customers and grow their business.

For you to get the most out of your Bidvine experience:

  • Invest in a great profile: treat your profile like your CV or your swanky outfit that you put on for a first date. Potential customers will judge you by your profile on Bidvine. Invest the time in making it great. Fill out all the optional sections. If you're not sure what to put, ask us. If you want some help, ask us. If you need better photos for your business, ask us. If you think you're done, but want a second opinion, ask us. We want you to have a great experience, and your profile is the best place to start.
  • We want you to be in good company: we check all new service profiles before they go live. We confirm as much about user identity and other business details as we can. We also make sure that the service you offer is not one of the services we don't support. ┬áThis process means that initially there may be a delay between the time that you create your profile and when it goes live. We think this delay is worth it to ensure a measure of quality for you and the other professionals on Bidvine.
  • Pay to bid: When you send bids manually, you only pay to send a bid to customers. You can view as many requests as you want and keep your profile live without cost. When you want to "accept" a lead, you pay the price to bid and send that bid along with a personal message.
  • Pay to be contacted (with BidMatch): When you send bids automatically, through BidMatch, bids go out for free and you pay when customers contact you. Find out more about BidMatch here.
  • Not all services are created equal: the cost to send a bid, or contacted on BidMatch, varies based on the type of service and size of the job. We base this difference on what makes sense for that particular service.
  • We make intros: once your bid and message go through to the requester, they choose who to contact for further information and to negotiate the job. We don't get involved at all in this process. Our platform simply provides the means for this introduction to occur and to facilitate communication. You contact with the person directly and take payment directly.

Let us know if you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback or questions.

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