We cover a huge range of local services. The services that we cover fall into the following categories: business services, computers and technical repair, cleaning, home and garden, pets, events, learning, wellness and fitness, and photography.

Our goal is to be the one place you need to go to find the right local service provider.

When businesses or professionals register on Bidvine we review each service to ensure that it fits into one of our supported service categories and does not violate our terms. Any service that does not fit into one of those categories or violates one of the guidelines below will be declined.

In general, if a service is not listed as part of the new user sign up process for professionals then we do not support it. If something is not listed that you think should be, please let us know.

There are certain things that we don't allow on Bidvine:

  • Physical products or virtual goods like electronics or digital downloads.

  • Event tickets or other tickets for sale.

  • Anything suspicious such as services from pros with fake names or identities we can't confirm.

  • No referral services, multi-level marketing or directory services.

  • Adult or sexual services.

  • Rental spaces or accommodation listings.

  • Business owners under the age of 18.

  • Businesses or individuals offering a service located or delivered outside the UK.

  • No lending services.

  • No bartering or alternate currencies other than GBP.

More info here.

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