Reviews are one of the most important factors in you being hired on Bidvine. In the customers' eyes, there is a big difference when comparing a service professional with 0 reviews to one with 10 positive reviews.

There are two types of reviews that your business can receive on Bidvine: reviews from customers that hire you using Bidvine, and customers that hire you outside of Bidvine.

Reviews from Bidvine Customers (Verified Hire)

When a customer hires someone through Bidvine, they are asked to leave a review of their experience.

This review consists of an overall rating and an indication of if they would recommend the service provider to a friend. The customer then has the option of including a public review (visible on your profile) and private feedback (visible only to you).

As a Service Provider, you can post a single reply to every public review that you receive. These replies are also public and will be visible to anyone viewing your company profile. Learn more about replying to customer reviews.

Reviews that are classified as ‘Verified Hire’ can only be provided by customers that hire you through Bidvine.

Reviews from Customers outside of Bidvine

We recognise that, especially when you first join Bidvine, that you may have extensive experience that should be reflected in your profile. One way to showcase this experience is by getting reviews from past (or current) customer you may have found outside of Bidvine.

For customers that hire you outside of Bidvine, their reviews differ from ‘Verified Hire’ reviews in two ways:

  1. Providers have the ability to accept or reject reviews received from past customers. If you do reject a request, you can send a message to that customer asking them to adjust their review per your standards and resubmit.

  2. Customers cannot leave you a private message. Since they are already your customer, we are sure they can contact you directly through other means.

Just like ‘Verified Hire’ reviews, service providers have the ability to post a single reply to these reviews which will be made visible on their company profile.

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