The Bidvine Referral Program rewards you for referring your friends and colleagues to Bidvine. Almost anyone that you know who has or works for a small business is perfectly suited to sign up to Bidvine.

Earn £30 in credit for every new pro who signs up and makes their first purchase on Bidvine using your referral link, and they will receive £12 of credit. Refer as often as you’d like - for example if you help 10 professionals actively use Bidvine and you’ll receive £300 in credit!

If you refer someone for a high-demand service, you can earn an extra £12 of credit for each successful referral. Find out what services are in demand on the referral page.

How can I share Bidvine to my friend or colleagues? 

The link we show on the Referrals page is specific to you. Share it using the email, Facebook, Twitter or Messenger buttons on the Refer a Pro page. You can also paste the link into your favourite app or website to share easily.

What do my contacts see?

When someone opens your referral link, they’ll see a friendly reminder that you have recommended they join Bidvine. They will then fill out their service, location and profile preferences much like you did when you first joined Bidvine. Your contacts can only use one referral link to sign up.

When do I get credited?

You and the contact you referred will both receive your credit bonus when your contact purchases their initial bundle on Bidvine. You will receive an email at this time notifying you of the amount and who used your referral code.

What are High-Demand services?

We find that sometimes Bidvine customers request some services more than others. Some of these services are listed as “High-Demand” on the Refer a Pro page. When you refer a contact that signs up and adds at least one of these services to their profile, both you and your contact gets an extra £12 of credit: that brings the total up to £42 of credit each! Only one such bonus is permitted per referral.

Termination and Change

Bidvine may suspend or terminate the referral program at any time without notice. The “High Demand” services may change at any time, including any credit bonuses associated with them. Bidvine reserves the right to retract bonus credit in the cases of fraud or violations of our terms of service.

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