n important step in setting up your profile is letting us know the areas that you operate in. By ensuring that this is accurate, for your business, you will control that the requests we send you are only in areas where you operate.

With Bidvine, you input your desired post code and select a radius that you work within. Our experts then pair leads in your service area with your profile to ensure the best fit possible for both parts.

Please note that these setting can be changed at any time.

Selecting service radius:

When setting up your account, you can enter your post code and the radius that you cover in miles. You will see your service radius displayed on the map.

If necessary, you are able to make changes to your service area at all times on your profile page. To edit, simply go to services, click the arrow below the service you wish to adjust your travel preference to as shown below:

After that, click Edit travel area to adjust your travel settings:

We hope this further helps in allowing local service professionals to grow their business on Bidvine. However if you do run in to any issues, then please do get in touch.

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