To edit your company profile, simply login to your account then go to "Company Profile". This will bring you to the public view of your service profile.

Click the "Edit" button located at the top-right portion to Edit your Company Profile:

On the edit page you will be able to edit all fields including:

  • Profile Picture

  • Business Name

  • Business Address

  • Business Description

  • Business Hours

  • Website URL

  • Social Media links

  • Number of employees

  • Founding date

  • How you deliver your service

  • User contact information

  • Company Logo

Aside from when you're changing your Profile Photo and using your Instagram or Twitter Photo (which automatically saves), if you edit any of the above fields you must save your changes before editing any of the following fields because each of the following requires opening a new page. Save your data.

Other editable fields include:

  • Photos and Videos: select files from your computer one at a time to upload

  • Insurance: add insurance coverage by uploading a PDF copy and indicating insurer and amount of insurance

  • Credentials: add multiple credentials by adding credential name, issuing organization, membership number and the relevant dates

Represent your past work and add the voice of your peers and customers by bringing references to Bidvine. You will be able to send a custom link to past clients and industry peers to add their voice to your profile or simply add their email addresses and we'll request reviews on your behalf. They will be able to rate you on several criteria, add a free text review and indicate if they recommend you to others. After all, just because you are new to Bidvine doesn't mean you should look new - show your past work and track record from day 1 on our platform.

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