An important step in keeping your profile up to date is maintaining an up-to-date service area. By ensuring that this is accurate, you will control that the requests we send you are only in areas where you operate.

To edit your travel preferences, log in to Bidvine, select Services from the top-left navigation. Following this, you can then go to the specific service you want to adjust your travel preference to and click Settings. Please note: if you want to add the same travel preferences for all services, you will be presented with the option to "Apply to all services" after modifying preferences for an individual service.

Click Filter by location to adjust your settings accordingly.

This will open the travel preferences editor. You can select your travel preferences and indicate whether you travel to customers, expect customers to travel to you, or conduct your business remotely.  For services where you travel to the customer, you can indicate your service area by setting a radius or drawing custom shapes.

Setting a travel radius

When you click on edit, you can adjust how far or close you want to travel from your central postcode then click save.

Please note: The centre point for your travel radius can be edited by going to Company Profile then click edit to update your postcode.

Using custom shapes

By clicking 'by shape', you can draw one or several custom shapes to indicate where you offer your services.

In the left hand of the map, there are four icons available for you to create your shapes. 

  • The cursor icon allows you to manoeuvre the map by clicking & dragging when selected

  • The pencil icon allows you to draw your map. Tip - you must draw an enclosed shape in order for it to take effect.

  • The trash can icon allows you to delete an existing shape when selected.

  • The refresh icon refreshes the map and clears any existing shapes.

In the lower right-hand side of the map, you can zoom in and zoom out through the corresponding plus and minus symbol. 

You can also enable full-screen editing by clicking the icon in the top right-hand side of the map.

Lastly, if you are willing to travel anywhere in the UK, you may simply select Nationwide.

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