Bidvine is one of the most cost-efficient means for local service professionals to grow their business.

Instead of charging listing fees, Bidvine is completely free for professionals to join & view job requests that are relevant to their business. When a request comes through that a provider is interested in, he/she can bid on that request for a small fee - this means service professionals only invest their marketing budget in jobs they are actually interested in winning.

The reason we charge at the time of bidding is to help ensure that our customers get quality bids from those professionals who are truly interested in the job. Because each customer request can only receive a handful of bids, we need to make sure that this is a job that the service professional really wants to win.

Every request you bid on also qualifies to be auto-refunded. In short, if a customer isn’t active on Bidvine within four days of you sending your bid, we refund your credits. We do this to help ensure that you’re communicating with customers who are seriously considering hiring the right professional. Please note: If you decide to reveal the customer's phone number (if provided) to call the customer directly, you will no longer qualify for the automatic refund.

Moreover, we purposely act as a means of introduction between the customer and service provider only. We know that final billings can differ from the original bid provided & that if a service provider does a great job, that will likely mean repeat business. At Bidvine, we want service providers to continue to own their customer relationships and develop them as they see fit.

Since there are several professionals bidding on each job, that means that it is unlikely for a professional to win every job that they bid on. The prices that we charge to bid are reflective of this. To maximise your chances of winning, please read What Makes a Great Bid.

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