As a professional on Bidvine, you can earn badges to reflect the quality of your Bidvine profile and services you provide.

The gold badge is earned when you have created a robust profile on Bidvine. Since starting, we've learned the difference between a good and great profile on Bidvine, and we want to recognise people with great profiles. All providers should work to attain this badge as those with gold-profiles tend to perform better on Bidvine.

The level badges reflect the quality and activity of a service provider on Bidvine. These are based on how many times a provider has been on hired Bidvine and their overall rating.

Level one means you've been (marked as) hired at least 10 times on Bidvine, and have a rating of 4 stars or greater.

Level two means you've been (marked as) hired at least 30 times on Bidvine and have a rating of 4.5 stars or greater

This is another way customers when viewing bids, can easily identify service providers that have consistently high reviews.

To understand what you need to attain any of the aforementioned badges, simply log-in to Bidvine and view your company profile page. There on the left-hand side (desktop) or top of the page (mobile) you will see the required steps/activity.

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